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Bridgestone R 249 II Evo Ecopia 315/60 R22.5 154/148L


Bridgestone R 249 II Evo Ecopia 315/60 R22.5 154/148L

Bridgestone - Premium tyre manufacturer from Japan, top quality at premium-class prices.

Tyre size
315/60 R22.5 154/148L 
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L: Approved up to 120 km/h
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The all-new R249II EVO Ecopia takes you further than ever before at an even lower cost per kilometre. This enhanced steer tyre for highway use offers several major benefits in terms of wear resistance, mileage and fuel economy throughout the entire lifecycle. Add that to its outstanding retreadability and higher than standard load capacity, and it’s easy to see how this tyre can keep your fleet and your business on the right track.

The R249II EVO Ecopia offers several significant improvements over its predecessor in terms of efficiency, performance and durability:

  • Improved rolling resistance
  • Higher resistance to irregular wear
  • Greater mileage

Equaliser RibTM attracts the forces of river or wavy wear, thus improving pressure distribution across the main ribs. Less irregular wear means longer tyre life.

NanoPro-TechTM compound reduces internal friction, avoiding energy loss in the top compound as the tyre rotates. Lower rolling resistance means less fuel consumption. Bridgestone’s NanoPro-Tech™ compound guarantees lower fuel consumption as well as durability and abrasion resistance similar to other premium Bridgestone tyres.

Flat Contact Package (FTP) optimises casing line and belt tension, further reducing wear on the shoulder rib.

Waved beltTM reduces stress and strain at the belt edges thus allowing to carry heavier loads and increased casing retreadability.

Groove Fences reduce the generation of tyre noise at all speeds.

Stone ejectors minimise stone retention and stone drilling, which in turn improves tyre retreadability.

Central Sipe Technology Deeper and more dense sipe application on centre and 2nd rib. Evenly distributes acceleration and braking forces, significantly reducing irregular wear and prolonging tyre life.

EVO – Increased load capacity The R249II EVO Ecopi a has a higher load capacity than standard tyres and is Bridgestone’s answer to ever stricter European emissions standards and the demand for increased load capacity.

EU Tyre Label and Efficiency Classes

EU Tyre Label and Efficiency Classes

The European Union, under CE 1222/2009, has mandated that all tyres manufactured after the date of July 1 2012 for cars and commercial vehicles include standard EU Tyre Labels classifying them by three performance characteristics:fuel efficiency classified from A to G,wet grip classified from A to G, and noise emission in decibels.

Categories of tyres unaffected by this regulation include: retreaded tyres, professional off-road tyres, racing/sports car tyres, as well as certain types of tyres designed to improve traction such as studded tyres, T-type temporary spare tyres, tyres for cars built before 1990, tyres with a maximum allowed speed of 80km/h, tyres for rims with a diameter less or equal to 254 mm or greater or equal to 635 mm.
This label is intended on one hand to promote economic and ecological efficiency in traffic, as well as increase road safety, and on the other hand to help consumers select appropriate tyres by ensuring a certain degree of product transparency.

Nevertheless, the label has been criticized for only showing a very limited number of characteristics. Professionals argue that tyres have many more features that are important and relevant to road safety, including but not limited to aquaplaning properties, driving stability, service life, product properties on wet and dry roads other than wet grip, properties on snow.
Tyre manufacturers suggest that the test results from various institutions and industry magazines should remain a very important source of information for the end consumer, because they focus on and rate a wide variety of tyre properties and features.

Brand Bridgestone
Model R 249 II Evo Ecopia
Dimension 315/60 R22.5 154/148L
Width 315
Tyre profile 60
Construction type R
Tyre size 22.5
Load Index 154/148
Speed index (L)
With/Without Valve (TT/TL) Tyre requires tube
M/C No
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