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High-performance motor oil for modern petrol engines. Its unique formula guarantees a high oxidation resistance, optimal protection in Stop-and-Go city traffic and excellence in all climatic conditions.


Selenia K is a synthetic motor oil with innovative technological features that ensure optimum cold starts and maximum protection even in city traffic.

Urban traffic and Stop-and-Go trips strain the engine oil in an extreme way. This can result in the worst case oil sludge formation and performance degradation.

The special and high performance additive technology of Selenia K combats and prevents sludge formation and performance losses in the motor.

  • Selenia K exceeds the highest international API SM specification
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Extreme protection against deposits
  • Peak performance even at low temperatures
  • FIAT 9.55535-M2 approved for the new FIRE EURO IV engines
  • Saves fuel due to the high viscosity index 5W-40
  • Fast oiling of the motor for maximum wear protection
  • Easy cold start preserves the battery


Oil change interval according to the manufacturer's specifications or maintenance indication.


  • ACEA A3/B3
  • API SM
  • FIAT 9.55535-M2
  • VW 502.00/505.00
  • MB 229.3
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