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Mofin Radiator antifreeze M13

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MOFIN radiator antifreeze M13 – suitable for vehicles requiring a cooling agent according to specification G13.

MOFIN long-term radiator protection M13 is used as a cold and heat transfer liquid in combustion engines. The combustion heat of the engine is dispersed into the coolant. The combustion heat is then discharged into the airflow through the coolant.

MOFIN long-term radiator protection M13 is nitrite, amine, phosphate and borate free.

It meets the requirements of the following OEM specifications: VAG TL 774 G (G12++) and SCANIA TB 1451

We recommend a mixture ratio of 1:1 (up to ca. -40°C) with good quality softened water. Furthermore, in order to guarantee optimal effectiveness of the high quality additives, it is advisable to completely empty and rinse the radiator, if a conventional antifreeze has been used previously. (Antifreeze portion no less than 33% and no more than 70% of the volume)

MOFIN long-term radiator protection M13 is neutral towards rubber seals and other synthetic materials.

MOFIN long-term radiator protection M13 can be mixed with most other products based on ethanediol (monoethylene glycol).

Follow the manufacturer instructions!

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