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Boost Your Car’s Look with 16-inch Rims

Rims with a diameter of 16 inches are of a moderate size, which is the most common with small and medium vehicles. The range of offers for 16-inch rims is wide, especially with high-quality alloy rims for your summer tyres. As light-weight 16-inch alloys, they boost the dynamics of your car and also give it a great look.

Although small rims do not offer the car owner any special visual effect, they promise easier handling, such as safe handling and precise steering characteristics. The small rims have a higher cross-section than larger rims and roll off better. The larger tyre cross-section (smaller wheels), the more increased the driving comfort.

The 16-inch rims, whether aluminium or steel rims, are perfectly adequate for road traffic. If a sporty driving style is desired, usually larger rims are used, which give a vehicle a better look.

When it comes to 16-inch rims in a set of four you can order them at competitive prices. The easiest way to find out if 16-inch rims are suitable for your car is with our configurator. Search for your make or enter the correct size from your vehicle registration.

At Tirendo.ie we always have the rims in the right size. To complete the appearance of your vehicle, you can also choose from a wide range of alloy or steel rims, summer, winter or all-season tyres or opt for an even more convenient option - a complete wheel and tyre package already assembled and balanced, ready to be used.


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