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Van tyres

Caravan tyres from

Caravan tyres do not look that much different from regular car tyres except that they are purposely made for caravan use, so when compared to a car tyre of similar size and dimensions, they are stronger.

Caravan Tyres Carry Huge Loads

Caravans, or campervans, are driven over long distances and bear the brunt of heavy loads, so camper tyres have to accommodate these needs for safe and comfortable driving and long service life. Unlike car tyres, light van tyres or motorcycle tyres, caravan tyres do not have to cope with cornering and high-speed braking; they do, however, have to bear a lot of weight that is sometimes one-sided.

Because the majority of car tyres online are not sold specifically for caravans, it is essential to buy tyres online that are specifically engineered for this purpose. There is, in fact, a law that establishes legal minimum requirements for caravan tyres, or the caravan owner will have to pay steep fines. Caravan tyre tread depth should be a minimum 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tread around the tyre’s entire circumference. This is crucial as sometimes more than half of the caravan’s weight is borne by camper tyres on one side.

Replacing Caravan Tyres

The British Tyre Manufacturers' Association recommends that tyres used on trailers should not be loaded more than 90% of the tyre's maximum ratings. This means that a caravan tyre with a load index of say, 70, should not carry more than 335 kilograms of weight (refer to BMTA for load indeces). Multiply that by four and you get the maximum load that the caravan tyres can carry. Get 90% of that number and you have the maximum allowable load for the entire vehicle.

When time comes to replace them, specifications of caravan tyres that are fitted to the vehicle cannot be exchanged for another unless the original specification of tyre has been retired from the market; the original tyre was inadequate (as in the case when fitting tyres without the guidance of a professional); the payload capacity of the vehicle has increased; or the caravan wheels have been changed to a different size. Hence, it is important to find out the exact dimensions of your worn-out caravan tyres and input these dimensions when ordering your tyres online to get the correct set.

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