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205 55 r16 Winter Car tyres

If you need to ride through regions where winter season is dominant most of the times, it is important to take some precautionary measures. Having a durable set of winter tyres is one of the utmost needs of winter driving. There might b many varieties ranging from brand, features and sizes as well. 205/55 R16 winter tyres are the ones that might be the right fit for your vehicle. These tyres have their own features and specifications, let’s reveal what these tyres are offering.

Specifications of 205/55 R16 Winter Tyres

So, if 205/55 R16 winter tyres are the best fit for your vehicle, it is the time to know some details about this size. Since every tyre size embodies information that is important to know these specifications in advance before finalizing the one.

      Width - The first three digits ‘205’ specify the width of tyre in millimeters.
      Aspect Ratio - The next two digits ‘55’ represent the aspect ratio. This ratio tells the height of tyre w.r.t width (in the form of percentage).
      Construction Type - The letter ‘R’ specifies the construction type. And this tyre is radially constructed.
      Rim Size - The two digits ‘16’ (just after construction type) represent the size of rim measured in inches. It is also referred as inner diameter of the tyre.

The size code also conveys information related to speed and load ratings, These ratings specify how much maximum speed and load a tyre can bear. So, all such information is very important to be known before acquiring a winter tyre. This information will definitely help you out in narrowing down the choices that you have considered. Then, the next phase is to finalize the brand. From Michelin, Nokian to Continental, Yokohama and a lot more brands are there that will serve you with optimal choices. is the place where you can browse through all varieties of 205/55 R16 winter tyres and other seasonal collections as well. If you have any query or confusion while selecting a product for your vehicle, our customer service is there to answer you in detailed manner. So, log into our store and find your desired tyre just a click away.

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