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Supermoto tyres

Supermoto Tyres – A Great Impact on Handeling

The most distinctive element of a Supermoto is the wheels. A set of Supermoto tyres can have a great impact on your ride, be it on or off-road. Uneven knobs, bad tyre pressure and even the wrong compounds, all influence how your motorcycle rides.

Specific tyre models

Due to the increased popularity of Supermotos or Supermotards on the streets, some manufacturers are producing specific tyre models. These tyres are mostly "H" rated, use adherent rubber compounds that reach the temperature more easily, and use a more flexible and lighter carcass. The lighter weight is essential. The more of that you have, the slower your bike can change direction, accelerate and stop.

The most common sizes for Supermotos or Supermotards are

  • 120/70/R17 for front and
  • 150/60/R17 or 160/60/R17 for rear wheel.

A standard dirt bike or enduro, Supermotos exceed on both pavement and dirt. Nevertheless, they fire up a whole new riding possibilities that can challenge even the most experienced riders. To ensure you get the best out of your bike, choose the right set of tyres for it at

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