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215 55 r17 Car tyres

All About Tyres in the 215/55 R17 Size

Tyres of the dimension 215/55 R17 are sporty tyres of moderate width, with which middle-class vehicles can go to higher speeds. A good balance between safety and ride comfort characterises this tyre size. Tyres of this size are available both as summer and winter tyres. Some manufacturers also have all-season tyres in their product range.

Which tyres are right for your car? The vehicle’s registration gives information about this. In most cases, motorists have a little leeway to decide on a suitable size. For mid-range vehicles, the 215/55 R17 size is often chosen. Sporty looks on matching rims and good handling are the hallmarks of this tyre size.

Tyres in this category are available in many different price segments - from low-cost ones to costlier high-quality brand tyres. Since the wide tyres have a good grip on the road surface and a pleasant ratio to the diameter, they can be driven at very high speeds. Some models are even allowed up to speed class W, which allows a speed of 167 mph.

Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle means long-lasting tyres that give you safety and economy. To find the right 215/55 R17 summer or winter tyre, simply select the appropriate load and speed index, or check out our full range of tyres at

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