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Deestone Car All-Season Tyres – Excellent Choice For Moderate Use

Getting tired of to change the expensive tyres every time your car meets a pothole in this country? Deestone car all-season tyres have a good reputation for being good value for the money. Also, the Deestone brand is a rubber product that intends to provide sporty entertainment to its consumers.

Halfway between the classic winter and summer tyres, the all-season tyres are a compromise that allows you to drive your car at any time of year. Their advantage is the savings guaranteed by the possession of a single ""universal"" tyre, approved both for the hot summer months and for the harsh winter temperatures.

Tyres for all-season are indeed not suitable for performance lovers who like to make the most of their vehicle in all weather conditions. These tyres represent an excellent middle ground for those who moderately use their car, on relatively safe roads and with an annual mileage that is not very high.

Over the past 40 years, the Thailand based company Deestone Limited has been committed to producing products that meet international standards to ensure the quality and safety of tyre users with internationally accepted production standards. Quality products and international standards are the heart of the Deestone. Having been trusted in exporting to more than 90 countries, this is one of the most important factors in adequate quality assurance.

The company’s products have passed the standards from many continents around the world such as Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania. These are the guarantee of quality. Radiant tyres of Deestone are recognised both domestically and internationally with over four million users worldwide per year.

That said, the all-season tyres are a preferable alternative. For example, they are suitable for driving on partially frozen or snow-covered roads with typical summer tyres and is, therefore, a choice reasonable for those who do not need - or cannot afford - to change their driving approach in the transition from one season to another. With Tirendo.ie you can drive safely, in any season, with Deestone car all-season tyres.


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