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Kumho Car Winter Tyres

Safe travels for keen drivers and lovers of comfort alike, with Kumho winter tyres

A trusted South-Korean maker often perceived as a high-performance specialist, Kumho actually offers a variety of products in numerous tyre sizes, for every kind of automotive application – from citycars to SUVs and supercars. Kumho winter tyres are designed to ensure safety and comfort at temperatures of less than 7°C, be it rain, snow, or shine.

Our online tyre catalogue contains a large selection of Kumho winter tyres. Finding the product that best suits your needs is easier than ever, thanks to our intuitive search option. All models are available in numerous tyre sizes, as well as load indexes and speed ratings. Also, here you can find Kumho tyres for sale at better prices than anywhere else, thanks to our many special tyre offers.

Kumho winter tyres – more staying power in capricious weather

The Kumho product line truly has something for everybody. The KW17 is a dependable and affordable model for small to mid-sized cars that has long featured on the manufacturer’s bestseller list. The popular Kumho KW23 and Kumho 7400 target a similar audience, but come in a greater range of car tyre sizes. Those who favour refinement may also wish to consider the smooth Kumho Wintercraft WP51.

Naturally, a Kumho tyre line-up is not complete without a high-performance model. The Kumho KW27 is a winter tyre with a dynamic character, and is offered in sizes of 15 through 19 inches. SUV owners looking for more traction potential from their 4x4 tyres are well provided for, with the rugged KC15. For light trucks, the Kumho KC11 and Kumho Portran CW51 provide good load bearing capabilities and high stability.

If you are looking for cheap, eco or premium tyres, at Tirendo you will find diversity, quality services, and the best tyre deals! So buy your Kumho winter tyres online, at

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