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Pirelli Carrier Winter 225/65 R16C 112/110R


Pirelli Carrier Winter 225/65 R16C 112/110R

Pirelli - Italian tyre manufacturer with the famous logo

Tyre size
225/65 R16C 112/110R 
Stock Level:
Type of Tyre:
Winter tyresWi
M+S marking
with snow flake symbol
Speed Index:
R: Approved up to 170 km/h
Item No.:
EU Tyre Label:
Business Reviews:
Transporter Magazin
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Carrier Winter provides assurance in even the most adverse winter weather.

Safety in all winter conditions; excellent mileage: improved by 30%. Assurance in the wet.


New tread design with 3 wide longitudinal grooves.

New tread design and compound.

Enhanced profile and tread design.


Improved aquaplaning resistance and wet braking.

Increased mileage and more regular wear.

Optimized winter performance.


Safety in wet conditions.

Better value for money.

Increased safety in winter conditions.

 EU Tyre Label and Efficiency Classes

EU Tyre Label and Efficiency Classes

The European Union has introduced the EU Tyre Label by Regulation (No. 1222/2009) identically and bindingly for all EU member states. It applies to passenger car tyres, light commercial vehicle tyres and heavy commercial vehicle tyres produced after 01.07.2012.

Three different areas are tested: rolling resistance, wet grip and the rolling noise the tyre makes on the road.

The following are not affected by the EU Tyre Label: retreaded tyres, professional off-road tyres, racing tyres, tyres with additional devices to improve traction such as spiked tyres, T-type emergency tyres, special tyres for fitting to vehicles first registered before 1 October 1990, tyres with a maximum authorised speed of 80 km/h, tyres for rims with a nominal diameter of 254 mm or less or 635 mm or more.

With this regulation, the European Union is pursuing the goal of promoting economic and ecological efficiency in road traffic as well as increasing road safety on the one hand, and on the other hand, granting consumers more product transparency and at the same time serving as an active decision-making aid.

Already during the incorporation, experts criticise the fact that the EU Tyre Label unfortunately only shows a few product characteristics. Apart from rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling noise, which are the main focus of EU tyre labelling, tyres have much more important and safety-relevant product characteristics, such as aquaplaning properties, driving stability, service life, braking properties on dry and wet roads, behaviour in wintry conditions, etc.

Tyre manufacturers point out that test results from various institutions and journals remain an important information medium for the end consumer. These tests usually focus on further safety-relevant product characteristics besides the EU standard qualifications for tyre labelling, which are always important for the final customer.

Business Reviews
Profile:Carrier Winter
Review Date Test Facility Dimensions Review Text Review Rating Seal
11/2013 Transporter Magazin 225/65 R16C 112/110R Recommendable
10/2013 promobil.de 225/65 R16C 112/110R Recommendable
Brand Pirelli
Model Carrier Winter
Dimension 225/65 R16C 112/110R
Width 225
Tyre profile 65
Construction type R
Tyre size 16
Load Index 112/110
Speed index (R)
With/Without Valve (TT/TL) Tyre requires tube
M/C No
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